Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alpharetta's Wills Park- Busy on Sunday Morning

Steve and I were out for our Sunday morning stroll today, and realized how fortunate we are to live within walking distance of Wills Park, a beautiful green space! As we walked down Rucker Road, we decided to include a stop at the Alpharetta Community Garden to check out the changes from summer to fall crops. The gardens were lush and plots were packed with ripe tomatoes and peppers. A new rail fence has been installed around the garden. Hard to believe that just a few months ago this gorgeous, food-producing spot was just another piece of plain ole' grass! Way to go green, Alpharetta!

As we walked around the path in the park, we came upon a canine agility show in the big arena. All shapes and sizes of dogs and their handlers were getting ready to compete. Then, as we headed back toward Greenmont, we noticed that Rucker Road had been blocked off for something. That something turned out to be the IronKids Triathalon! We cheered the elementary-aged bike riders as they rounded the corner to pedal back toward the finish line. Before we got home, we came across a yard sale and a road-side vegetable stand. I think I heard some baseball game announcing in the background, and, of course, the tennis courts were alive with players, too!

It was all great activity, though- one of the many reasons we love it here. Even though we live in one of the largest cities in the United States, there is a lot of small town feel left in Alpharetta.

Look around your yard and neighborhood this week. I bet you'll find a few things that you are grateful for! I am grateful for Wills Park, a huge, diverse green space in the heart of Alpharetta- a place I won't take for granted anymore.

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