Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, How Lovely Are Your Branches!

My Grandma Rose had a beautiful voice and loved to sing to us in German, so I always think of her during this beautiful season of Christmas Carols. One of her favorites was "O Tannenbaum", and I had to smile the other night as we ventured out to the first of the neighborhood holiday parties.

There displayed in all it's glory was an upside-down Christmas Tree! I was absolutely mesmerized! The longer I stood underneath those wide branches (which were on the TOP now), the more I appreciated it! What a cool idea! Why hadn't we thought of this years ago? For so many reasons, this upside-down tree thing makes so much sense! My neighbor's beautiful collection of glass ornaments gleamed like never before, and I could stand right underneath the tree and look up at them hanging three and four on a long, graceful branch!

Instead of looking at the TREE, I was now focused on the ORNAMENTS!

Besides the beauty of this new-fangled invention, there is a practical side to this idea as well! How many times have you struggled to find enough room for the Christmas Tree along with your regular furniture arrangment? Well, think about it! If the pointy end of your tree is on the floor instead of the broad base of branches, there is a LOT more room for chairs again- not to mention all the great conversation that ensues among perfect strangers regarding the pros and cons of this hip new tree!

It's a good thing our tree is already up and decorated for the season, or I think I would be heading out to find this new upside-down version. I guess down is the new UP!

Have you encountered the upside-down tree yet? If so, post a note and let us all know what you think!

Happy Decorating, Everyone!



Bonnie said...

That is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. I'm so glad you got a picture because I never would have believed it. Hope you're doing great!

David & Bonnie Lelak

Alexis said...


The upside down Christmas Tree is verying interesting. The first place I saw one was at work. We have so many people from different countries, that they tried to have as many trees representing every country as possible. I really enjoyed looking at the traditions of other areas. Here is a little history on "History of the Upside Down Christmas Tree"

Although upside down trees are currently being advertised as novelty items, they actually have quite a long history. In the Middle Ages, it was common for Europeans to hang their Christmas trees upside down. The upside down tree was said to represent the Holy Trinity.

Upside down Christmas trees gradually fell out of favor after the 1600s. Demand only began to increase in the late 1990s, after upscale retailers started using the unusual trees as part of their holiday displays in an effort to preserve more floor space for Christmas merchandise. Customers liked the look so well that they started asking how they could purchase upside down trees for their own homes.

However, the upside down Christmas tree does have its critics. Some conservative Christians feel the upside down tree is disrespectful, since a Christmas tree is traditionally shaped with the tip pointing to heaven. In fact, there are some people who think this fad is borderline sacrilegious, since the upside down Christmas tree has its tip pointing toward hell.